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Our lab is ultimately interested in understanding and controlling geochemical processes that underlie the Earth's energy and environmental resources through experimental and theoretical micro/nanofluidic approaches.  Specifically, our research interests aim to understand multiphase reactive transport and fluid-fluid/ fluid-rock interactions in nanoporous media. Our current research develops and uses micro- and nano- visualization platforms to study the mechanisms underlying multiphase fluid transport and surface interactions in systems that are important to energy and environmental sustainability, including CO2 storage, minerals recovery, and engineered nanoporous materials

In addition to generating new scientific knowledge, a key focus of our research activities is to educate students with the fundamental knowledge that is required to meet our society’s rising demands to develop low environmental impacts energy resources.  In this effort, we aim to help develop students' ability and passion towards advancing fundamental engineering knowledge.  Courses that we are interested in teaching include both basic and applied thermodynamics and phase equilibria, fluid mechanics, micro and nanoscale transport phenomena, and general engineering topics to develop the next generation of leaders in the field of energy science and engineering.


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